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captions provided by: craig's list sensored. -pwhat's missing from the populr websiie? why some say it's a change for thh better. american muslims targeted. why the surge of islamaphobia. >> an inside look at how police% react the to a hostage -psituation. ool temperatures in store tonight. a big warmup on the way. i'll tell you how warm we'll et ccming up in my
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>>reporter: well, craig's list adult services category used to be full of ads promoting prostitution and child-sex trafficking, accorddng o police. it wasn't untii several staaes began demandiig changee ttat craig's list complied. >> i think it took some real leverage. >>reporter: today on craig's list the adult-servvces section simply statedd"sensored" and you can no longer click on to open the ads. a victory for paw enforcement and several organizations. >> it sounds like it ii going to be a more permanent change. we'll see. the other thing to consider, of course, is whether or nottthose kinds of advertisements will just go ii to the personal section. that's the thing we'll be
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looking for next, i would assume. >> as long as theirrcustomers who aae willing to purchase the services and benefit from the exploitation of people who are vulnerable, there is going to be -- there are going to be people who are going to make a that cattgory pulled all ttgether. he could not bee reached ffr comment todaa, but
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>> on wednesday, the 43-year % old james lee entered the discovery ccannel building and took three hostages. he had a long-running grudge against the cable network. yesterday pollce released the 911 calls >> yes. scovery place? >> he's got a gun. he's going through the front desk. he's got people on the floor. >> i was standing outside about to go in the lobby and somebody said, "don'ttgo in there, there's somebody with a gun." i can onny ee the gun. i left.
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dettctives are still tryingc to figure out who shot another man in the head in wwst
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>> in the nfl, it's never set. there's no scholarships. we've got 53. it's ever-changing.
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storm. the waters remain closed to swimmersstonight. the beach patrol is still concerned abbut rip currents there. it's been a long time now thht earl is out of the way, there's great weather for the holiday weekend. >> definitely. we got a taste temperatures were in the upper 70s. the breeze will calm down
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reach in order for it to rain. obviously, not going to happen tonight. very dry weather in our forecast the next several
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they're walking uphilllto take pown a debilitated disease. >> i try to walk couple of -pmiles each day. >>reporter: as she mikes the climb uphill. >> it's pretty difficult. it seems far rom back there. it seems further when you start to walk it. >>reporter: she thinks about the uphill battle others go through every ddy. >> iidon't know anyone personally that has horrible disease. know it's a >>reporter: webster is one of pore than 100 volunteers who % hiked three milessfor the first annual hike-the-park for parkinson's. >> i did it to honor y dad. >>reporter: stacy organized the event. her dad was diagnosed four years ago. >> i wanted to do ssmething to help him and once i started researching parkinson's, i realized over one million people in america have parkinson's, yet you don't hear about it. >>reeorter: so far the hike has
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raised close to $15,000. not bad consider she just started planning the event six months ago. all of the money raised will benefit the university of maryland parkinson's centtr, which does research for the disease and cares for patients. the hope is to one day find a cuue. there's a tremendous amount of work goinn on right now. i think it's the most hopeful >>reporter: and for those who love him. >> if you didn't know it before, he knows i'm going to be there to help him. >>reporter: fox 45 news at 10:00. >> if you missed ttday's hikk, you can still donate to the cause. there's a link on our
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>> it's hurting american security. >> the debate over a new york city mosque near ground 0. the1 bbewing hatred it sparked aaross thh ountry.
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the unemployment rate rose in august to 9.6 percent. 54,000 more obs are lost in thii coontry. while many of them are census workers, what's not counted in those numbers are the millions of ameeicans who are nder employed.
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>>reporter: he found a full-time job aftee getting laid oof, but he's underemppoyed. he earnn $16 an hour at lowe's. he earned as much as $130,000 a year. >> people used to ake, you know, it's nottthere. it's not there. it's not. i see it every day, you know? i see it every day. i mean, what are we -pgoing tt do? it's america. phere's our jobs? >>reporter: innhis new job, he has takee a aycut of almost $100,000. he's struggling to keep his house and provide for his son, now 14, and his wife who is battling cancer. he's -pgiven up second jobs to spend more time at ome. his story
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of taaing a job below his skill level is all too familiar, but >> when i was working for gm, i was looking forward to turning 56 and retiringgand you know,
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trying to do something else or going until i'm 622 now we're just -- there's no real plan. itts -- ouu plan is to get from% month to month. helping nurseette economyyright back to health adding 46,000 jobs. one problem, thouuh? many of these positions tend to be lower paying. early voting contiiues monday for the maryland primaries. it's the first time1 in maryland history that voters get a chance to cast their ballot well before the traditional election day. early voting officially began last friday and will continue
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until thursdayythe 9th. except for tomorrow. polls will be closed sunday and reopen on labor day. the six days of early vottng, thougg, will cost millions. >> we paid so much in money to secure he right to vote for other people, i think this is a small exppnse to pay in order to encourage more of our citizens to take part n that fundamental part of our democracy. >> eaaly voting wwll be available for the general election as well this year. agaan, polls willlbe open through thursday, but clossd on sunday.
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>>reporter: they looke d at how enthusiastic -- in 2008, both groups were given the race for the white house "quite a lot or >> given he has not ashhaved the successswe wanted him to achieve, there's a sense of disappointment among his core supporters, which were largely,
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though certainly not entirely, stay witt fox 45 news for 1 elections. go to the mid-term the state fair is getting ready to wrap up this holiday peekend. oor fox 45 family wanted to get a chance to meet yours. today was fox 45 day and most of our news team was out enjoying the weather and greeting viewers.
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>> (unintelligible). a pook-alike was also at the fox 45 booth today promoting the new cw show. it airs september 9th on our sisser station at 9900 p.m. an unexpected house guest as a plane nosedives in to a wommn's home. where she fond % the pilot, straight ahead. (unintelligible). >> the heated debate over mosques in this country. what's fanning the flames and being done to keep it under control? to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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mosquus in this country are under scrutiny these days, includiig the one plannnd by ground 0. 3 c1 >>reeorter: thh islamic center and mosque to be built near ground 0 isn't the only mosque drawing fire. about a dozenn others across the country are also under attack. from angry protests and suspected arson in
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tennessee -- >> do you forget 9/11 so fast? >> the worrd is changing. it's
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timeeto wake up. >>reporter: islam has become a political wedge issue wiih % politicians like newt, comparing muslims to nazis. >> nazis don't have the right 1 to put up a sign nnxt to the hollowcost museum in washington. there's no reason %-world trade center. reporter in fact, the duke university study finds rather than fuel terrorism in america, contemporary mosques prevent it. national security experts and american musllms fear >> it's creating a lot of ha 31
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hatred. >>reporter: the latess 2008 fbi statistic don't reflect hat is going on now. experts elieve it could repeat itsslf. several mosques have been targeted. sscurity videos capturing an attempted pipe bombing in florida. in new york, a cabdriver stabbed after allegedly being asked if he was muslim. >> slowly but surely, we'll we just had a plane crash in to a house. >> pilot turns a roof in tt a laadiig strip. , all went down, next. saving the money on a saaad ssinner. still ahead, we put the spin in store for the "deal
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earl is gone, but therees % another storm brewiig in the -patlantic. whhn it my name is...peggy. what usis problem, please?
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peggy? sure...well... suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover.
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lthere's time to put the shorts away. cooler weather is here? >> cooler weather, but it's not1 going to stick around. 90-deggee temperatures in the
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earl depart the area. what is taking its place is a high-pressure system sitting to allowing ccoler air to come in. that northerly flow from canada -- another day just like today for tomorrow. the difference will be the breeze will be a little lighter. it won't feel quite as cool and plenty of sunshine. temperatures right rouud 88 degrees for tomorrow. anooher gorgeous day. we have been dealing with earl over the past few days. i want to point outt something in the atlantic. we
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have a storm out herr. it is what used to be gaston. it is well out in to the atlantic. very small, in fact, well off to our south and east. still 1 something to watch over the next severaa days as it gets closer and closer to the united states. the hurricane center is predicting tte storm will become a tropical cycle. we will want to keeppan eye on the would be at least a week out in
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>> remarkably the pilot survived with minor injuries. i want to make sure medicines i prescribe with them don'ttcontradict with medicines they're on. % >> thh medical world prepares to go paperless. why the obama
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administration says it's good news for the patients. next, find out if these [ male announcer ] the new subway $2.50 breakfast combo! best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway!
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billions of your tax dollars are headed towards a program aimed at updating >>reporter: going to the doctor obama administration rules 3 c1 require hospitals and physicians to convert millions of patient files to digital records. >> a big part of where the government is going is to trr 1 and make thh data flow more freely amongst providers ann hospitals so that your data goes with you. >>reporter: the new mandate applies to health information beginniig with patient's weight, blood pressure. lower cost, better care, improved safety. >> it will make sure medicines i prescribe with them don't contradict with otherrmedicines they're on. thhse are things i would have had to remember to do when i was doing things on
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paper. the computer eminds me >>reporter: the feds will hand out $19 billlon in stimulus money. providers who meet get higher federal deadlines >>reporter: how much will it coot you? if ou are earn under $15,000 a year, the digital conversion will cost you under $one. earn up to $50,000, $31. up to $200,000, $20,037. ii yoo're in the top tax bracket, the program will cost you more than $2,000. under the
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reimburssment proggam, doctors can receive $100,000 for medicare and medicaid. while most agree this is long oveedue, critics wonder why the public has to paa for this as -pthe patient and a taxpayer. supporters say, however, ssmetimes have you to spend money to save money and that's what this incentive does. foo news. 3 1 %--ppre-washed lettuce, but in s economy you would probably not shell out bbcks. if you need to wash what you eat, we have a way that promises to make it easier. it doesn't takk up tons of room like the sslad spinners. >>reporter: big, bulky salad sppnners take up so much room in your kitthen cabinet, but can this really do the same job? it claims cupack it with just spin, drain and ssore.
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thee say it's so asy even kids can do it. we asked first-graders to wash our produce for us. we're ready to spin and store. we also put wet lettuce n a regular produce bag from the grocery store. the spin-and-store has a built in reservoir along the bottom that ii supposed to collect the water and allow it to drain. after a few second 1 of spinning, you can see the water that coolected in the separated section. just tip and pour it out. that was easy. we spun the control bag too, but we didn't get nearly as much water out. weeput both bags in the refrigerator to see
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patrice harris, fox 45 news att 10:00.
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be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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of the area yesterday. that cold front came through last night and allowed lot of
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emily. -p theeravens make their finl plus, i go one-on-one with navy football co-captain about monday's crab bowllclassic in baltimore. "sports unlimited" starts right now. the ravens had a tough task today of trimming their roster to just 53 players. one position battle ttat came down

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